Terms of service


Veetup prototype is a demonstration deployment, not a commercial product and therefore free to use. The only limitation in the prototype version is that the database is reset regularly.


You can try veetup anonymously without registration in the demo mode. A random user name will be generated, which you can use to log in. All functions will be available, but the account will not be password protected and will expire in three days.


Veetup prototype is made available without any warranty.

Veetup is in the prototype stage. Cross-browser compatibility is limited. The technology for voice-chat is in the experimental stage and only available for selected browsers. The entered information is not backed up and the database is reset regularly, which will lead to the loss of all information, including user accounts. If you keep this in mind, however, you are very well invited to try the application and give your feedback to feedback@veetup.com. If you want to keep your meeting protocols you can download them as standard html.

Privacy policy

Veetup allows tracking of textual and non-textual information about your meetings, which will be available on the server side. None of this personal data is used in any way except for the purpose of veetup prototype. In particular, there is no commercialization of entered information in veetup prototype.

Veetup uses »shariff« for its social media buttons. They will only transfer data when clicked and not upon page loading as is otherwise the case.

The veetup app uses cookies to store session information.

The web server uses the tool awstats for anonymized traffic analytics.


You will receive emails in the following cases:

Apart from that, there are no further notifications from veetup.