Never meet complex issues down again.

Meet up with veetup.

Veetup is your virtual meeting room, used parallel to real meetings, telephone conferences or web meetings.

Today, we meet up ...

  • ... like in ancient times
  • without agenda
  • with everyone unprepared
  • without binding decisions
  • without protocol
  • without clear action items
  • and feel we waste our time
  • dominated by few
  • without input from introverts

Tomorrow, we meet up with veetup

»Welcome to a next-generation-meeting.«
»Welcome to a next-generation-meeting.«

»There is a new task...«

»Sorry, I don't have time to help.«

»OK, I'll do it!«

Have you realized that text-based solutions do not help you to improve your meetings? Veetup brings modern web technology and
dynamic visual agreement
to the next generation of real and virtual meetings. You will, literally:
take a position
present your viewpoint, or
see where others are standing...

... while veetup automatically writes the protocol for you.
This new form of group communication will change your meetings forever. Good riddance, meetings of today...

Watch the veetup intro